Sometimes it is just too hot, and trips to the pool in the middle of summer just don’t cut it. Sweltering summer air can be torturous, and making sure you and your family stay cool can mean more than just wanting to stay comfortable. Those high temperatures with very low humidity in late summer can spell danger, so making sure your home is efficiently cooled is of the highest priority. Companies that provide air conditioning service recommend ductless systems for better air cooling and circulation in the rooms you are in the most.

Generally, a ductless system is a modestly sized air conditioning unit that sits high on a wall in a room to provide zoned cooling. This can be great for rooms high in the house, set over the garage, or that are just poorly insulated. It uses a refrigeration line that runs from an outside compressor to the unit, making the system less intrusive than a window unit or a second traditional air conditioner unit. Better yet, ductless systems are more energy efficient and can come with a remote for easier night-time adjustments.

Technicians providing air conditioning service know what your unit is up against in the summer heat and will usually provide installation services to make sure you get it set up fast and right. They take care of placing and setting up the compressor unit and refrigeration lines. Because the line has to run through a wall, a three inch hole is generally cut out. Don’t worry about it showing, though, because your technician will then cover it with the securely fastened ductless unit. Installation usually doesn’t take very long.

A ductless system gives you all the benefits of a window unit without having to show it off to your neighbors. If you have a room that needs cooling help in mid-summer, remember that air conditioning service is just a call away. Contact us for more information about ductless cooling systems.