Why choose a central AC over a window AC system?

Today, more and more people are in favor of a centralized AC system owing to the many benefits that it offers over the conventional types. It is an efficient and effective means of circulating cool air all through the house compared to a window air conditioning system. Above all it can work wonders to improve the indoor air quality. So if you wish to install centralized air conditioning systems, contact us at Aztec Mechanical. Our service areas include the whole of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe, NM.

Central air conditioning vs. window air conditioning system

Central air conditioning is a far better choice than window air conditioning system and below are the reasons why,

  • The entire house can be cooled rather than just a single room
  • It will filter the air, which passes through it and remove airborne particles such as lint, allergens, pet dander, pollen and dust
  • It has the power of trapping microscopic pollutants as well
  • Having constantly cool and clean air is the number one advantage with central air conditioning
  • It makes less noise. In a central air conditioner the compressor, fan and condenser are placed in the outdoor unit rather than the nearby window
  • With its working parts situated outside the home these air conditioning systems are inconspicuous and will thus not hinder the view within the home or outside
  • It will not take any inside space, thereby helping in keeping the abode looking updated and modern
  • It is easy to operate. No matter, there are multiple zones or a single zone, it can be controlled conveniently via a simple console, which can be programmed for running at specific times and temperatures
  • It can operate in the reversed cycle, which means it can both cool and heat the abode in a single user-friendly unit

Although the up-front expenditure of a centralized AC may be intimidating yet ultimately the payoff will be worth the expense. It will offer homeowners with years of comfort as well as boost up the home’s value which means at the time of resale this can act as a major selling feature. To learn more speak to our customer representatives today.