If you need air conditioning installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, NM, Rio Rancho or Santa Fe then Aztec Mechanical can help.  Their design build(D-B) approach and methodology will save money and time on large commercial projects. When it comes to large scale air conditioning installation it is better to deal with one company than several entities.


High-tech HVAC systems offer wireless control through smart phone apps. They also feature intelligent and multi-function thermostats. This means system control plays an important role in air condition installation. You want to deal with an HVAC company that understands these controls and provides the opportunities for such controls.


Aztec Mechanical have their own duct and piping fabrication facilities. Their installations allow users direct digital control for precise tuning of air conditioning systems. By fine tuning water and air your HVAC system provides greater levels of comfort whilst lowering operating costs.


High-tech and large scale air conditioning installation requires a knowledgeable HVAC engineering company. You want to deal with an HVAC company that knows how to design LEED certified buildings that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.


When it comes to air conditioning installation you want to deal with an HVAC company that remains current with technology and advances within in the industry. HVAC systems are no longer stand-alone units – they are part of a building environment that requires advanced controls, energy efficiency, integration and safety.


AMI provides advanced air conditioning installation solutions across divers industries including medical, hospitality, industrial, scientific, IT and education. If you want an energy efficient and integrated HVAC solution designed from the ground up, then you should consult with the team at AMI.


They can help you with ducted systems, ductless systems, mini-split systems, zoned air-conditioning, centralised systems that are efficient and optimised.







Rio Rancho, New Mexico Air Conditioning Installation from Aztec Mechanical is affordable, efficient, and a great investment for your property. Contact us today!