The days are getting hotter, and finally, the time has come to crank up the A/C. But instead of kicking on with an easy click and whir, your unit seems to be struggling, and you notice water dripping on the floor.

Don’t panic, there are many reasons why an air conditioning system releases water, and most issues can be easily fixed.

First, check your filter. Dirty filters can impede air flow and cause ice to build up on the A/C evaporator coils. Your coils can also freeze as a result of low refrigerant levels. Later, that ice melts and drips out of the unit.

Clogged condensate lines, or a rusted drain pan, can also lead to a buildup of excess water. Make sure your lines and drain pan are properly maintained. Check them at the beginning of each season to make sure water is flowing properly through the lines, and that the drain pan doesn’t have a leak.   

Finally, incorrect installation can result in a faulty condensate trap. If the condensate trap is not positioned correctly, the drain pan can overflow, causing water to leak from your A/C unit. Check your drain pan to make sure it’s properly positioned.

While these underlying issues can cause water to drip from your unit, a quick inspection can help you get to the root of the issue and quickly fix the problem.

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