Aztec Mechanical has had a presence in the HVAC industry here in Albuquerque for the past 40 years. Bridgestone Tires tapped into our expertise, along with our reputation for excellent customer-focused service, to tackle one of their biggest ventilation challenges.

The Challenge

Tires in storage can potentially emit toxic gases that must be ventilated at a higher rate than regular indoor air. The government has established guidelines for ventilation of tires; however, Bridgestone has opted to establish its own standards that are above and beyond those of the government. Specialized HVAC equipment is required to maintain these tough ventilation standards.

The Approach

Engineers and planners often utilize a standard template that relies on national standards in creating their proposals. Aztec Mechanical took a different approach – instead of considering climate conditions in California or Colorado – we based our estimates specifically on the climate here in New Mexico. We utilized a design-build approach based on extensive experience and expertise about building in New Mexico. Our investigation focused on local weather and seasonal conditions – and because we are a local company, we could present our analysis to the client with confidence.

Our specialized analysis allowed Aztec Mechanical to determine that we could accomplish the client’s goal of meeting its own stringent ventilation requirements by working within their existing climate-control system, rather than installing an entirely new setup. As a result, we were able to reduce the amount of work that had to be done, which translated into significant cost savings for our client. More importantly, there was no compromise in quality.

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