These days, businesses of all sizes are concerned with maximizing energy efficiency in every aspect of their operations – from manufacturing and production to indoor office temperatures and air quality. This is not just good for the environment – it’s a smart money move as well. If you want to tap into energy (and money!) savings for your business, the following five tips represent an excellent starting point.

Evaluate and Modify Indoor Lighting

Many companies are taking advantage of natural daylight as a supplement to electrical lighting systems, to provide lighting that is less harsh, along with saving money on energy bills. Another inexpensive way of boosting energy efficiency is switching out less efficient lighting fixtures for energy-efficient lighting. You may find that you need fewer fixtures to maintain the same lighting levels as before – another source of savings.

Turn Off Non-Essential Equipment

Your company may have mission critical computers or other essential equipment that must remain operational 24/7/365. However, many computers or other equipment can be turned off during non-business hours. This simple action can translate into surprisingly significant savings in your company’s utility bills. In addition, depending on the equipment involved, the reduced wear and tear may allow your hardware to remain in service longer.

Seek Out Energy Star Certified Equipment

Energy Star certification is available for a wide variety of office equipment and other appliances including computers, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Energy Star equipment often includes a function to automatically power down after an extended period of inactivity. This function translates to energy savings of 50 percent or more.

Modify Thermostat Settings

Consider setting your company’s thermostat during the winter to between 65 and 68 degrees when buildings are occupied, and between 60 and 65 degrees when buildings are empty. Suggested summer thermostat settings range from 78 to 80 degrees during hours when the building is occupied, and above 80 degrees when the building is empty. Especially during the summer, increasing thermostat settings by a single degree can translate into energy savings of between 2 and 3 percent.

Maintain Regular Equipment Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system is a system that operates both efficiently and effectively. Regular maintenance and assessment by a company like Aztec Mechanical can help keep your company’s HVAC hardware running at its most efficient.

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