Air Conditioning Installation in Albuquerque and Santa FeAztec Mechanical has been a leading provider of air conditioning installation in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for more than 40 years. We love to talk about the different reasons we feel we are different – family run, multiple service offerings, engineering services, and more. We have grown over the years to respond to the needs of our customers. We started as a sheet metal contractor and then added services that eventually led to the excellent air conditioning installation in Albuquerque and Santa Fe we offer today as just part of our services.

One service we have added recently that has been very well-received is the quick installation of spot air conditioning units. We cannot begin to describe the number of ways these spot air conditioning units can be used. Because we can deliver and install so quickly, they offer a quick source of relief for unexpected events. Higher than normal temperature extremes or immediate relief during air conditioning installation in Albuquerque or Santa Fe can be excellent reasons to use spot air conditioning units.

Another great use for the units is during special events. Never underestimate how much heat can be created by a group of people crowded in one room. This is especially true for any south or west-facing areas. Even air conditioning systems running at full blast may not be enough. Think of a week-long sports championship event or rooms and conference rooms that are not used often. Suddenly you might realize your air conditioner is not up for the air conditioning needs your event requires. Whether you put spot air conditioners as part of your event planning or as a sudden need, Aztec Mechanical is ready to help you with installation and the “set it and forget it” program.

Whatever you need from instant relief to air conditioning installation in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, keep Aztec Mechanical in mind for all your cooling needs.