Boiler Repair, Boiler Service, and Boiler Replacement in Los Alamos, NM

Since their invention, boilers have been a popular choice for controlling indoor climate. Business owners and residents in Los Alamos, NM choose boilers due to their sustainability, longevity and other various benefits. 

At Aztec Mechanical we have over 40 years of experience in helping residents and business owners in Los Alamos, NM and surrounding areas with the boiler services they need to keep their boilers up and running year-round. With the cold Los Alamos, NM winters we know that keeping your boiler in pristine condition is essential too controlling your indoor climate and weathering the harsh winter storms.

Boiler Service in Los Alamos, NMBoiler Service

We offer a variety of boiler services to our valued clients in Los Alamos, NM, and surrounding communities. From boiler repairs, installations and replacements we make the process easy for our clients by doing the work for you.

We believe that frequent check-ups and preventative maintenance is key to keeping your boiler in good condition. Our licensed technicians seek to educate our clients in the best practices for their in-home boiler maintenance. Our routine boiler services include a variety of aspects to ensure the functionality and safety of your boiler through:

  • Checking boiler controls
  • Gas and pressure checks
  • Internal checks
  • Flue and combustion releases
  • Water and gas pipework checks
  • Seal checks
  • Electrical connectivity
  • Safety checks

Boiler Repair

When your boiler is in need of a repair it should be dealt with immediately to prevent long-term or irreversible issues and complications. That’s why we offer prompt and efficient boiler repairs to our clients in Los Alamos, NM, and surrounding areas. At Aztec Mechanical we work diligently on boiler repairs so you can get back to controlling your indoor climate with minimal interruption. But how do you know if you need your boiler repaired? 

There are various signs that your boiler requires maintenance. When boilers are not functioning properly they often make loud and disruptive banging sounds. Accompanied by leaks or lack of hot water, it’s a sure sign that you’re in need of an immediate boiler repair.

Call our 24/7 hotline to inquire about your emergency boiler repair and we will have a professional technician at your door ASAP.

Boiler Replacement in Los Alamos, NM

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are in need of a boiler replacement, our skilled staff will assist you in finding the boiler replacement that suits your home or business while staying within your budget. It’s our pleasure to help you find a boiler replacement that exceeds your expectations while offering unmatched customer service and supreme quality. 


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