Programmable thermostats are becoming more and more popular as people shift toward a greener, energy-saving way of living. Programmable thermostats will let you create a heating and cooling schedule with your preferred temperature settings throughout the day. 

Are programable thermostats really worth it? Let’s find out. 

Difference Between Manual and Programmable Thermostats

There is only one job that a basic, traditional thermostat is designed to perform – to ensure that the room temperature matches the desired temperature. In a basic thermostat, the owner can set the desired temperature – up or down, as necessary – and the room will remain at that temperature until the temperature is manually changed again.

It wasn’t long ago that programmable thermostats were introduced to homeowners and facility managers as cost-saving and energy-saving tools. Thermostats with programmable schedules, also called clock thermostats, allow owners to set different temperatures at different times each day based on a schedule.

Business owners can, for example, reduce air conditioning during summer nights when all employees have gone home. Heating and cooling consume about half of a home’s energy, according to Energy Star. Think about what you can save if you can significantly reduce your monthly usage. A programmable thermostat is an excellent way to accomplish this. By using it, your home or business will stay at a comfortable temperature while saving energy.

Do Programmable Thermostats Really Save You Money?

It will not lower your energy bills if you simply install a programmable thermostat. To see your energy bills drop and your savings increase, you need to use your new thermostat properly. To achieve the best results, it has to be used in the most efficient way, just like any other smart technology or money-saving hack.

  1. Location is important when it comes to thermostats. In order to avoid exposure to sunlight and drafts, thermostats should be mounted on interior walls. They should not be placed on a wall near large furniture as this may block airflow.
  2. A large number of programmable thermostats are battery-operated. Be sure to replace the batteries in programmable thermostats as needed.
  3. There are several types of hold features available on programmable thermostats – permanent hold, vacation hold, and temporary hold. If you plan to be absent from your home or office for a long period of time, you should use the permanent or vacation hold. By using it to manage your daily temperature, you will waste energy.
  4. It is common for homes to use one thermostat for the whole house. You may want to consider installing programmed thermostat setbacks for each area of your home with hot or cold spots to ensure ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.
  5. By adjusting your thermostat by one degree Fahrenheit, you can save up to 3% on your energy bill. For example, if you lower your heating by ten degrees at night, you can save 30%. 

Your monthly bill will drop significantly if you use 30% less energy every month. It all comes down to eliminating energy waste. With little effort and no inconvenience, that’s a lot of savings for you! It is as easy as putting an end to the use of energy you never needed and a programmable thermostat can help with just that.

How Aztec Mechanical Can Help

If you’re ready to make the switch to a programmable thermostat, give us a call for a recommendation and installation quote. We’ll be sure to find the right fit for you and your home to keep your system running efficiently while saving you money.