HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to do maintenance or change my filters?

Filters should be changed every 90 days, or at the very least twice per year, optimally in spring and fall. If you have a dog or cat your filter should be changed once per month. You should also replace refrigerator coils in the spring and furnace in the fall. Clean your refrigerator air coils in spring to get optimal air flow and maintenance on the furnace in the fall.

Should I turn my AC off during the day? Will this save me on my utility bills?

No; this will increase your energy bills and cause your system to work harder in the afternoon/evening to cool down the space. We suggest installing a programmable thermostat and setting it to a comfortable temperature. This will allow your system to regulate the temperature all day, which will reduce run time on the unit, therefore lowering your bills and wear on the system.

Can you add refrigerant to my system?

This is not a good idea; if your system is low on refrigerant then there is a possible leak that needs to be found and repaired/or replaced or other underlying problems. Call us today for an inspection.

How do I operate my thermostat?

Due to so many styles and models of thermostat, please contact us and we can help.

What do I do if I smell gas?

Leave that space and call the local gas company immediately.

Do you test for carbon monoxide?

YES! We recommend that this be done before each heating season to make sure your heater is working properly and to ensure your safety.

Why doesn’t my evaporative cooler work when it is humid or really hot?

Evaporative coolers work by adding moisture to the air, which cools as it evaporates. When the air is very humid, there is not much room for the air to absorb additional moisture which makes it harder to evaporate.

When should I upgrade my HVAC unit, furnace or evaporative cooler?

When it becomes less effective and operating costs become higher than normal, or when your unit reaches a certain age, you should consider replacing it. The federal government is no longer allowing the manufacturing of R-22 refrigerant – if your system is R-22 you will need to replace it in the future.

What is the benefit to a ductless system?

There are many benefits to a ductless system: they give each individual space complete temperature control; they don’t use natural gas; they heat when the ambient temp is below 0; they are quiet and efficient; no duct work is needed; control each space separately with a remote.

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